Conference of National Affairs (CONA)

cona.jpgThe YMCA’s Conference on National Affairs (CONA) is a national version of Youth in Government. For six days, students surround themselves with the breath taking scenery and intellectual environment of Black Mountain, North Carolina. At the conference, delegates will present and debate proposals they have previously prepared with fellow delegate from across the nation. A proposal, similar to a bill, is a well thought out idea that would potentially impact our country on a federal level. Out of the 700 proposals that come to CONA, only 10 will make it to the final round, Plenary Session. Once there, these 10 proposals are debated by everyone at the conference and will either pass or fail.

Students increase their odds of going to CONA by actively engaging and participating at the state conference. All students interested in attending CONA must apply to be considered. For more information, contact the State Director or an officer.

To learn more about CONA please go to



The 2020 Conference on National Affairs will be held digitally. Due to CONA deadlines, the New Mexico delegation to CONA will be determined prior to State Conference. The cost of participating in CONA this year is significantly reduced. For details, see the CONA Intent Form below.

For best consideration to attend the 2020 Conference on National Affairs, complete the 2020 CONA Intent Form by April 28, 2020.