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Bill Aims to Build Rail System to Facilitate Economic Growth

Author: Madi Venturino

Santa Fe, NM- Today delegates convened from all over the state to introduce their bills in committee. One bill that drew a lot of debate was House Bill 403, introduced by Representative Braeden Prunier, representing Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School. It would set up a rail system connecting New Mexico and Maryland.

“New Mexico faces a really big issue where we lack access to economic industries,” Prunier said. “One industry we miss out on is the seafood industry, my calculations estimate that the ability to import fresh seafood to the state… could generate almost billions of dollars for the state.”

The bill said that the rail system would pass from Baltimore, Maryland to Albuquerque, New Mexico and would cross through major cities such as Amarillo, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, and Kansas City, Missouri. 

The bill was heard in committee today and drew debate on both sides. 

“The bill did very well in committee, there were a few (Delegate Braeden Prunier, Author of the Bill.)

concerns, one was the penalty clause… people were

concerned that it violates the eighth amendment.”

The bill author says he expects it to be heard on the house floor tomorrow.

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