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The mission of the YMCA New Mexico Youth and Government program (NM Y&G) is to cultivate and empower the next generation of engaged and informed citizens. We are committed to providing comprehensive leadership training that equips young individuals with the knowledge, skills, and passion to actively participate in our democracy and contribute to their communities.


NM Y&G is a non-partisan initiative designed to foster an understanding of the fundamental principles and processes of democracy and Constitutional governance. Through immersive experiences, interactive discussions, and practical simulations, we strive to create an inclusive platform where youth can explore and address the issues that impact their lives and communities.


Our program aims to develop well-rounded individuals who possess a deep understanding of democratic values, critical thinking abilities, and effective communication and leadership skills. We encourage youth to embrace their unique perspectives, engage in civil discourse, and collaborate with their peers to find innovative solutions to the challenges we face.


At NM Y&G, we believe that every young person has the capacity to shape the future of our society. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, we empower our participants to become active and responsible citizens, ensuring a vibrant and resilient democracy for generations to come.


Together, we will build a community of young leaders who are not only knowledgeable about our democratic processes but are also inspired to take action, make a positive difference, and uphold the values that form the foundation of our great nation.

There are many diverse ways to participate in Youth and Government. A majority of delegates will participate in the Legislative Branch, joining either the House or Senate. Delegates also have the choice to join our Judicial Branch to serve as an attorney in a moot court (appellate law) competition. By application only, delegates may choose to participate in the Media, or as a member of the Governor’s Cabinet or Attorney General’s Cabinet.

New Mexico Youth and Government is partially funded by a generous grant from The Sumners Foundation.

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