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Hello there! I'm Verity Gray, and I'm honored to be serving as your governor this year. My goal in this journey is to foster meaningful connections with one another through the exchange of ideas.


I've been a part of this program for four years now, and I can genuinely say that it has had a profound impact on my life, expediting my growth in leadership, providing meaningful discussions and debates, promoting youth advocacy, and so much more.


Outside of YAG, I'm a senior at East Mountain High School, and I'm involved in a variety of clubs and activities. You'll find me participating in Student Council, National Honor Society, Civil Air Patrol, running, and playing the violin. I especially love reading and hiking in my free time!


If you ever have any questions about anything in the program, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of you soon!


Paloma Poole.jpg



Lieutenant Governor

Hello! I am Paloma Poole, your 2024 NMYAG Lieutenant Governor. I’m a junior at East Mountain High School and this is my third year participating in Youth and Government. Outside of YAG I’m a part of NHS, I play club volleyball, I coach a youth volleyball team, and I work for Bernalillo County as a Recreational Leader. Which is all to say: I work with many people, I enjoy people, and I cannot wait to meet/work with the people involved in YAG’s 2024 program! One thing I have to mention is I am an avid feminist and activist. I love the YAG program for the many opportunities it presents New Mexico’s youth to share ideas and to practice activism through collaboration and discourse. As Lieutenant Governor, I hope to create a space where delegates participate in meaningful discussion and amiable debate. All the while, I’d like to ensure the legislative branch is a fun and enjoyable experience for all of YAG’s participants. I am honored and absolutely thrilled to serve as your 2024 Lt. Gov. I cannot wait to see everyone at this year’s State Conference! 


Please feel free to reach out to me anytime!


Liam Pereira.jpg



Speaker of the House

Hi everyone, my name is Liam Pereira and I’m so excited to serve as your Speaker of the House this year! I’m a junior at East Mountain High School, and this is my third year in the program. I’ve attended the national YAG conference (CONA) my two previous years in the program, and served as a committee chair for the house. Outside of YAG, I play the cello, participating in the Albuquerque Youth Symphony program and the UNM string lab school. I play basketball for east mountain, and participate in other extra curriculars like Speech and debate and MUN. In my free time, I love working out and bodybuilding, along with sports medicine and overall health. I love to read, travel, and build legos. I hope to make the House a fun and safe space for everyone, where everybody is ready for collaborative discourse. It will be a space where everyone’s beliefs are heard and recognized, and hope that it becomes a fun and memorable space in the process! I can’t wait to see everyone this year at conference!





Chief Justice


My name is Akansha Nanda and I am excited to serve as your Youth Chief Justice for NM Youth and Government 2024! I am a senior at the Albuquerque Institute of Mathematics and Science in Albuquerque. This is my third year with the program, and I hope to expand the Judicial Branch to considerably more participants and make sure everyone is well-informed about the branch. I am a returning officer and am excited to meet both returning and new participants at this year's conference! 


In addition to Youth and Government, I am involved with Model United Nations, DECA, National Honor Society, RoadRunner Food Bank, Neurodiversity Horizons, The Red Cross, and more. In my free time, I volunteer, play the flute, take photographs, and love to read! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the Judicial Branch or conference overall. See you soon!


Gaby Vigil.jpg



Secretary of State

Hello! My name is Gabriela Vigil and I have the honor of being your 2024 Secretary of State! I'm currently a senior at Albuquerque Institute of Math and Science and this is my third and final year with the program. I'm so excited to meet all of you guys and help make the campaign and election process more exciting and accurate! 

Outside of Youth and Government, I participate in Model UN as well as DECA and NHS. I'm a dual credit student at UNM and CNM. But outside of academics, I love playing volleyball and baking! I also love to watch movies and listen to music! I'm so incredibly excited to meet all of you guys, whether you are returning or new and if you have any questions for concerns, don't be afraid to contact me below :) 


Mya Ramon.jpg



Attorney General

Hello, my name is Mya Ramon. For this 2024 conference I have the privilege to be your Attorney General. I am a junior attending the Albuquerque Institute of Math and Science and this is going to be my third year participating in YAG. I have attended the National Judicial Competition (NJC) and have previously won best brief in the New Mexico 2023 conference. I hope that I can be of assistance in both the judicial and legislative branches and help every delegate improve. 


Outside of Youth and Government I participate in MUN and mock trial; I am also a dual credit student at UNM and CNM. Outside of academics I play soccer, volleyball, archery, and I like to lift weights. I play soccer for Albuquerque High School, Rio Rapids club, and I also participate in ODP for my age group. I also participate in both volleyball and archery at AIMS charter school. I like to write, draw, and travel with my friends and family. For this conference I hope that everyone can feel comfortable reaching out about any questions regarding bills and briefs. I am excited to see everyone at conference and trainings. See y’all soon!


Adina Clark.jpg



State Auditor

Hi! I’m Adina Clark, a junior at Albuquerque High and this year’s State Auditor. This will be my third year in YAG and I’m super excited! I’m looking forward to helping Task Force grow and continue the support it has provided for YAG participants. Outside of YAG, I am the vice president of my school's National Art Honors Society, on the swim team, and a member of various other clubs. I like to draw, paint, knit, and most of all, I like to read! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at conference this year, if you have any questions feel free to reach out!


Wonu Choe.jpg



State Treasurer


I am Wonu Choe, your Treasurer for this 2024 incarnation of NM Youth and Government. Currently, I am a senior at the Albuquerque Institute of Math and Science and this is my second year in the program. I hope that my knowledge of writing and economics can serve as a great asset to the Task Force. 


Outside of Youth and Government, my myriad other commitments include an internship at a University of New Mexico chemistry lab, being captain of the science olympiad team at my school, volunteering as a teacher assistant, and more. In my spare time I enjoy creative writing, listening to music, and playing electric guitar. 


I am most honoured to serve as your Treasurer. 


Jasmine McKinney.jpg



Land Commissioner 

Hey y’all! My name is Jasmine McKinney, and I am your 2023-24 NM Youth and Government Land Commissioner. This year it is my second and final year in Youth and Gov, and I am involved with Task Force and conference. This year we will be working hard and are dedicated to making a wonderful conference for y‘all.


Outside of Y&G, I attend Moriarty High school as a senior and I am closely involved in National Honor Society as President, and as an officer for my class. Other things I’m involved with at my school are wrestling, yearbook, and student council. Over the summer through Youth and Government I attended the Y’s Conference on National Affairs (CONA) and was recognized with an award for outstanding proposal. Other than academics I like hanging out with friends, being creative with things, and traveling. 


Although it is a lot, I am always here if y’all have any questions regarding anything. If you have any questions specifically relating to Task Force please feel free to email myself or the other two Task Officers, Adina and Wonu.





Media Director

Hello! My name is Alecia Gauna and I am excited to serve as this year's media director. I am currently a senior at Moriarty High School, and this will be my second year participating in Youth and Government. I am hoping to expand the media department of this program and make it more interactive for all branches. I am excited at the prospect of meeting both new and returning participants at this year's conference, and know together we will have a great experience!


In addition to Youth and Government, I am involved in National Honor Society, volleyball, MICC, and have taken up other leadership positions including being the historian for student council. Alongside debate I am very fond of history and have been competing in the National History Day and unsung hero competition for four years. My broad interests have led me in different paths, and have brought me great opportunities including accepting this role. I am excited for this year’s conferences, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the media branch or program!


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