The Task Force for New Mexico Youth & Government is an opportunity for delegates to investigate a complex issue and make a recommendation to their Youth Government leading into the annual conference.

Any New Mexico Youth & Government delegate may participate in the task force. This opportunity is recommended for freshman, first year students, and/or students who seek more support and guidance in selecting a branch for the annual state conference. The task force will conclude before the start of the state conference, and all participants will select another branch to participate during conference.


Student Leaders: State Auditor, Commissioner of Public Lands, and State Treasurer, as elected by the delegates of the New Mexico Youth & Government program.

Timeline: The task force will commence in December and conclude at the annual spring training event (March). The results of the task force will be presented at Training. If any legislative action is recommended by the task force, the resulting bill will be introduced during the State Conference by the student leaders or designated task force members.

The task force will require students to fill roles such as:
- Researchers who will review public record, litigation, academic study, or other sources for evidence regarding the issue at hand.
- Investigators who will interview subject matter experts and/or members of the public regarding the issue at hand.
- Lead Debaters who will organize the arguments and present from multiple sides of the issue (depending on the issue, could be 2 or more perspectives).
- Drafters who will write the recommendation of the task force and draft any recommended legislation.
- Media Representatives who will report on the task force issue, activities, findings, and outcomes.

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