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Campaigning Virtualy

With the conference moving online there have been many changes. One of them being how candidates are able to campaign for next year's office. Usually by the end of conference delegates have been given numerous stickers, pens and other campaign materials. Delegates are also able to meet the person that they are voting for and ask them questions in real time. With the move to an online conference we have seen a dramatic change in how the delegates campaign.

Secretary of State Karla Ortiz has been working with the media team to ensure that every candidate is able to have a presence online during this conference. Each candidate was given a list of mandatory and optional digital campaign materials that would be posted to the New Mexico Youth and Government Instagram. Candidates were able to show off their graphic design skills as well as emphasize their points for running.

All 13 candidates submitted a variety of types of media. Some creative materials that were made were Tik Toks by Agustin Leon-Saenz and graphics by Gaby Delgado. Others were straight to the point like Gabriella Delgado with a simple graphic that emphasized why they were fit for this position. Olivia Traub also made a whole Instagram account dedicated to her campaign, and her opponent Bishop Elisoff didn’t take long to make his own. To see these posts check out @newmexicoyag on Instagram.

Another change that has been brought on by a virtual conference is a new format for the candidate debate. Don’t forget to check in tonight at 5:30 to hear the candidates answer questions on the spot.

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