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  • Madison Schlosser

New Experiences

Albuquerque --- New experiences is the name of the game for Youth and Government, but this year it applies even more than usual. From designing a virtual conference, to making sure people can participate, to creating brand new ways of communicating with each other, Officers, sponsors, and delegates have had their hands full.

Despite how different this year has been, students are still going outside their comfort zones and choosing to experience new things. For Committee Chair Lilith Clark, it was running for something despite this new format. She said “this year was the first year I've run for something and the first year I've been a chair. Chairing was a really fun experience, and I feel like I got to learn a lot more about parli-pro. Running for office has also been really fun, especially getting to design social media posts that outline my positions.”

The delegates of YAG have been resilient, and after a year of online learning, “we have figured out how to make the best of virtual situations” Clark stated, “this is my second year doing an online conference, but it has been very different from last years, and I feel like everyone is more comfortable with zoom in general, which makes it feel a lot more like we are in person.”


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