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Delgado Wins Governor's Race

Albuquerque-- Early Sunday afternoon polls closed for the 2021 Youth and Government election. Officials announced that Gabriella Delgado will serve as the 2022 New Mexico Youth Governor.

Delgado will take office at the 2022 session and work to lead the next group of New Mexico YAG delegates. Delgado thanked all the participants, "Thank you to all the participants that came out. Youth and Government would be nothing without you guys. I am also excited to help grow the program."

Campaign Statement from Governor Delgado:

"If presented with the opportunity to be the Youth Governor I would like to work on communication on all scales, between the officers, and the participants. I also want to incorporate some online aspects to the (most likely) in person conference next year. I want to be more creative with the conference and expand the fun aspects of it. Youth and Government has the potential to be more than just a spring activity and I would like to get all the participants thoughts on what they want out of this program."

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