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Following in the Footsteps: Grandson of Current Senator Takes on YAG

Senator Peter Ortiz y Pino, the grandson of Senator Garald Ortiz y Pino, is in his first year of the New Mexico Youth and Government program. His interest in politics grew from his exposure to the Roundhouse, where he would often visit his grandfather. During these visits, he gained insight into how government activities were carried out. YAG Senator Peter Ortiz y Pino is an advocate for the fair treatment of people and has proposed raising the minimum wage by three dollars.

Senator Peter Ortiz y Pino

SB 104, which was introduced by YAG Senator Peter Ortiz y Pino, sought to allow employers in the agriculture industry to deduct the reasonable value of furnished food, utilities, supplies, or housing from the wages due to their employees. In an interview with Ismael Garcia Chairez, YAG Senator Ortiz y Pino explained that he was motivated to fight for an increase in the minimum wage because of inflation in the economy. Although SB 104 generated much discussion, it ultimately did not pass.

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