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Youth and Government Delegates Come Together for 2024 Opening Session

Author: Carina Lanier

Santa Fe, NM - The house floor is often filled with the hustle and bustle of legislators, but today those legislators are students.

Over the course of three days, more than 100 students will model the New Mexico Legislative session, sharing their voices on current issues and participating in meaningful dialogue. They’ll write bills, act as attorneys, and student journalists document it all.

“I’m excited to work with young leaders and review the bills for this 2024 conference,” said Attorney General Mya Ramon.

Secretary of State Gabriela Vigil echoes the sentiment, “I’m excited for a productive three-day session,” she said.

New Mexico Youth and Government is excited to see returning members and openly welcomes the numerous new individuals participating in 2024.

Luke Favorite, a senior, new to Youth and Government and serving in the Judicial branch said, “I think this is going to be a very enlightening experience outside of speech and debate background and excited to expand and get more public speaking experience.”

The opening session started with the delegates being sworn in by Chief Justice Akansha Nanda and was followed by a speech from the New Mexico Youth Governor Verity Gray. 

It is important for youth to be involved in government, and make it your business, she said.

Later in the opening ceremony students heard from New Mexico State Representative Joshua Hernandez who serves the southern area of Rio Rancho. Representative Hernandez has international expertise in digital marketing, community engagement, and numerous leadership positions within political campaigns.

Overall, the 2024 conference is looking forward to inviting young leaders, change makers, and individual advocates to be a catalyst for progress in the 2024 Youth and Government Session.  

The Youth Governor sent delegates off with the message “we lead the way.”

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