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Aurelia Vargas Becomes the 2023 New Mexico Youth Governor

Santa Fe, NM - Tuesday afternoon voting ended for the 2022 Youth and Government election leaving clear winners for the candidate races.

The new Governor was announced by officials to be Aurelia Vargas. She will serve as the 2023 New Mexico Youth Governor.

Governor Vargas pictured at the 2022 Session (NMYAG Staff)

Vargas will take office shortly after the conclusion of the 2022 session and will begin working towards leading the upcoming group of NM Youth & Government delegates.

Delegates were excited to hear about the upcoming Governor. The Daily Delegate interviewed Shosha Wheeler who said “she seems really dedicated, and I think she’s going to bring some great things to the program.”

This is Vargas’ third year participating in Youth and Government, she’s currently a junior at Moriarty High School. Vargas has previously participated in Media and is currently serving as the Land Commissioner. She also attended the Conference on National Affairs in 2021.

Official Statement from Governor Vargas:

“I’m so happy to meet everybody, with this being the first in-person conference I’ve actually attended as a delegate, it was very exciting and I’m so glad to be here. I’m so glad that we’re breaking down the barriers between schools, it’s really nice to see people interacting with others from across the state. I’m really looking forward to being governor, I’ve gained a lot of experience this conference, gov cab has been a really amazing experience and I feel more confident about operating it next year. I’m really looking forward to conference I don’t really want it to end, I just want to keep participating in this and keep going through it.”

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