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Siestas in the workplace bill dies in Senate

Senate Bill Eight (SB8) was introduced by Senator Izzy Stokes and Representative Wes Gleason representing Albuquerque High School.

Clerk of the House, Senator Izzy Stokes (NMYAG Staff)

Taking a closer look at America’s problems, a grand issue that needs to be corrected is that of American’s working schedules. The average American employer suffers from sleep deprivation. Which leads to more lethal, health threatening complications. Overworking one’s brain throughout everyday tasks on an average five hours or less of sleep can cause high levels of depression and anxiety, reducing the quality of one’s working performance, increasing high blood pressure anyways d type two diabetes.

Senator Stokes and Representative Gleason's solution is simple: Siestas. Siestas provide a two hour break from 12pm through 2pm. Taking affect only on Mondays and Fridays. The siestas will not be paid and will include a lunch break.

According to Stokes and Gleason, countries such as Japan, Germany, Spain, and China already introduced siestas to their working employees. From this action, employees from countries previously

Representative Wes Gleason (NMYAG Staff)

mentioned, experienced a positive increase on their mental and physical health.

Senate Bill Eight was defeated in the Senate on Monday which means lawmakers will have to try again next session in order to give government workers their siestas!

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