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Conference sees increase in delegates post-pandemic

From Left to Right: Aengus McGuiness, Natalie Montgomery, Shosha Wheeler, Kaya Perce, Lilith Clark)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Youth and Government's saw a drastic decrease in the amount of delegates. Before the pandemic, the average participants population was over 130 students, according to the State Director Hannah Wood. During the early stages of the pandemic, the 2020 Youth and Government session had to be canceled. Conference was then moved to an online format. About 140 participants were expected to attend that in-person conference according to Wood. As the result of the pandemic, only 80 participants ended up attending the online conference. Wood noted that the 2021 conference population decreased even more with only 40 participants attending the online conference. However, during the 2022 conference, population did increase with 80 participants attending.

Giulia Mikos, East Mountain High School

When asked about the future of the program, State Director Hannah Wood said she is planning to recruit more schools, bringing in more advisors, and encouraging current participants to invite their friends to participate in YAG.

Gubernatorial candidate Aurelia Vargas plans on spending her personal time at other schools who might not have experienced advisors and students in their program. Vargas plans on creating more events before conference so that people can decide if they want to commit. Vargas believes that "once one attends conference, they have to have previous experience in order to fully commit during the three day conference."

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