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Delegates hear from their candidates

Santa Fe, NM – Sunday evening, the delegates participated in a candidate forum, which started out with an introduction given by the Youth Government Secretary of State Kate Rocco. Delegates heard from ten different candidates and two additional write in candidates, Angela Humming Bird and Akansha Nanda, for Land Commissioner and Chief Justice. The race for Governor is uncontested this election which means Aurelia Vargas will most likely be the next Governor unless there is a write in candidate for that position.

Gubernatorial Candidate Aurelia Vargas (NMYAG Staff)

Candidates were asked a variety of questions ranging from things such as “what breakfast item would you be?” To more serious questions like, “how you would make Youth and Government more inclusive for everyone?”

Governor candidate Aurelia Vargas voiced her response saying “I want to work towards making Youth and Government more approachable and not as much of a daunting task.”

Secretary of State candidate Verity Gray added her insight responding with, “I would encourage people to run, and offer interviews with former officers of the position that the candidates would be running for.”

East Mountain High School student Verity Gray who is running for Secretary of State.

The candidate forum was a great opportunity for delegates to learn more about the future leaders of the program. Voting will take place Tuesday in the participant’s respective buildings.

Delegates are looking forward to the new group of 2023 Executive Officers. If you have questions regarding voting, please see an officer or an advisor.


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